All businesses need to put in some extra effort to keep an strengthen their relationship with their customers.  If you do not put in some effort to your relationships they will erode from the wear down of time.  There are many ways to work on your customer relationships, and one way is to send you customers a joyful greeting over the holidays. One of the best ways is to use a photo of you and your customer service team on the greeting card.  Those smiling faces can remind the customers of their pleasant experiences doing business with you.   Here are some examples:

(click on any of the above images to see a larger version)

Maybe one of the above examples might give you an idea on what you would like to have your card design look like.

We offer to do a custom design of your greeting card with your photo.  So, you simply tell us want you want your card to say, upload your photo, and give us some hints on what kind of things you prefer for your design.  Information that would help us create a better design for you would be you inputs on your preference for a certain color on the border, preferred artwork, and preferred fonts. We receive that information and go to work on a custom design for you. Each design is a custom design in which we will do our best to create the expression you desire.   The backside or inside of each design is also custom and personalized around your instructions. All designs can be printed and supplied as postcards, flat cards, or folded cards.  (flat cards and folded cards are supplied with envelopes) Simple Steps –

  1. You submit your design start request using the below form
  2. We work on a draft design and send you a review link usually by the next day
  3. You review and confirm approval or request changes
  4. We work on your design until you are happy with design

Start Card design submission - GV Christmas (biz)

  • Use this link to: new window with 50 beautiful Christmas Poems you can select to use on your card. If you want to use any of these Christmas Poems, simply describe the verse number you want in the field below. ( Poetry is by W. Roger Lee )