Are you close to your dog like I am to mine ?

She is as close a companion as I can imagine and I make sure she is always part of what ever we have got going.

So one of those things that can be fun to do is dress up your dog of Christmas and get some pictures.  Then use those pictures on your Christmas greeting card.  What fun.  Here are some examples:



Here are four cards in which our customers sent us their special photo where they dressed up with their dogs to create some Merry Christmas cheer for their greeting card design.  We usually take the photos that are sent to us and try to create a best fit inside a holiday colored border on the card.  It helps us to know if there is a preference for a particular color, font, or artwork the customer has in mind.  Or, what ever idea the customer might like us to try to create with their photo.

Each design is a custom design in which we will do our best to create the expression you desire.   The backside or inside of each design is also custom and personalized around your instructions.

All designs can be printed and supplied as postcards, flat cards, or folded cards.  (flat cards and folded cards are supplied with envelopes)

Simple Steps –

  1. You submit your design start request using the below form
  2. For sending multiple photos a link to a multiple photo upload form will be sent in confirmation email
  3. We work on a draft design and send you a review link usually by the next day
  4. You review and confirm approval or request changes
  5. We work on your design until you are happy with design

Start Holiday Card Design with dog photo